Handouts for your club

See also overviews and introductions to petanque.

When passers-by see you playing and stop to watch, or ask “What is that?”, it is helpful if you have a handout that you can give them. A handout is a great ice-breaker to start a conversation, and (who knows!) it may help you recruit a new club member.

The best handout is a single sheet of paper. One side should provide a short introduction to the game, information about your local petanque club, and a list of online resources. The flip side can be blank, or contain whatever you want— a short description of the game, answers to frequently-asked questions, etc. The handouts page of the Tucson Petanque Club has a handout that you can download and customize to your own needs.

Here are some general-purpose handouts that you may find interesting.

  1. How to play petanque by the FPUSA
  2. How to play petanque by La Boule New Yorkaise
  3. The Sport of Petanque by Mike Pegg
  4. A short summary of the rules


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